Getting Started


Make sure you meet all the requirements. If you used the Windows Installer, Juice Box is automatically registered as a service and you can access the Juice Box web interface by pointing your web browser to:


Otherwise Juice Box can be run either as a standalone server or in a servlet container (e.g. Tomcat, Jetty, JBoss, etc).

Standalone server

Download the Juice Box WAR and rename the downloaded file to juicebox.war. Open up a command prompt and run:

java -jar juicebox.war

You can then access Juice Box by pointing your web browser to:


To run Juice Box on a port other than the default port 8080, use the following command line:

java -Dcom.shuetech.embeddedjetty.StartStop.port=1234 -jar juicebox.war

The above example runs Juice Box on port 1234.

Servlet container

Download the Juice Box WAR and rename the downloaded file to juicebox.war. Deploy juicebox.war to your servlet container. You can then access Juice Box by pointing your web browser to /juicebox on your servlet container. On Tomcat this is typically:


You should then see Juice Box with the Jobs tab displayed.

Upgrading from a previous version

Stop the Juice Box server then replace the old juicebox.war with the new version. This applies to both standalone server and servlet container options.



A job is made up of one or more job steps. Job steps are used to perform command line and database operations, which are executed in series. Note that a job will not automatically run unless it is attached to a schedule.

Command line job step

A command line job step consists of one or more command lines which are executed when the job step runs. Examples of command lines:

On Windows

cmd /c del /Q C:\Logs\*
cmd /c %SYSTEMROOT%\cleanmgr /verylowdisk

On Linux

/bin/bash -c "rm -Rf /var/log/*"
/bin/bash -c "/usr/sbin/tmpreaper 24h /tmp"

A command line job step can be configured to halt the execution of subsequent job steps if it encounters an error. To do this, specify the Exit Code of Successful Command in the job step. Otherwise, leave it blank.

Database operation job step

Database operation job steps provide a convenient means of executing database commands and SQL statements on any JDBC data source (including Excel sheets, CSV files, etc. if you have the right JDBC driver). You must first define a data source in the Settings tab. A database operation job step can consist of one or more SQL statements and/or database commands.



Juice Box schedules are extremely flexible and should allow you to schedule your jobs in any way you can imagine. Juice Box comes will 3 default schedules and you are free to add more or change the default ones.

Schedules can be loosely classified as Single Run or Repeating. A Single Run schedule will execute its associated jobs once on a given date and time.

Repeating schedules allow all kinds of repeat execution patterns. In addition to the 3 default schedules provided by Juice Box, you can add repeating schedules such as:

  • Run jobs at 1am on the last weekend day of every month until December 31 2020.
  • Run jobs biweekly on Monday and Wednesday every 3 hours between 9am and 6pm.

If the power and flexibility of a single schedule is not sufficient, you can even attach a job to more than one schedule and the job will run according to all those schedules.