Job scheduling without the fuss!


This is Juice Box, a free, funky and feature-rich job scheduler designed to take the pain out of managing your IT systems. It doesn't get any easier than this. Whether your batch jobs need to run on a fixed or flexible schedule, Juice Box will run it from start to finish for you.

Or try it out first (requires Java 1.6 or higher)


  • Powerful yet simple scheduling rules, and the flexibility to mix and match schedules with jobs
  • Forget cryptic Cron tables, Juice Box schedules are intuitive
  • Jobs can be composed of multiple steps
  • Web based interface, no client installation necessary to access and configure the job scheduler
  • Any process, executable, script or database operation can be scheduled
  • Job status notifications
  • Comprehensive logging
  • Secured access
  • Built from the ground up using the latest proven technologies
  • Multiple platforms: Windows, Linux/Unix and Mac
  • Free!


  • Supports Windows, Linux/Unix and Mac
  • For Linux/Unix and Mac, Java 1.6 or above required